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Добавил: Vlivkor
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Представлен урок английского языка для 5-го класса по теме "Еда".

I’d like to share with you my impressions about the lesson, conducted in the 5th grade, school № 20. At the lesson I used the textbook “English- III” written by Vereshchagina, Pritykina.

The topic of the lesson was “Food”.

Objectives: to encourage students to communicate on the topic “Food”, develop intrapersonal, interpersonal, visual, verbal, kinesthetic intelligences of the students, stimulate them to take care of their body and eat healthy food.

Equipment: the tables and chairs were arranged in a U-shape.

The study was decorated with colourful pictures, posters with English proverbs about food, for instance:

    1. Tastes differ.

    2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    3. An appetite comes with eating.

It’ acknowledged that students develop language skills more easily and more fluently when they are involved into creative process. My role as a teacher is to make learning English a joyful activity, making children happy and willing to study it. It should be mentioned, that students like to discuss the topic “Food”, because they see the relevance of class work to their outside lives.

The procedure of the lesson:

After greeting I reminded students the topic of the lesson and called them to be active and smart. To create a positive emotional atmosphere I used a short warm-up activity, also to pull the class together and prepare them to start the lesson proper. Then I asked everybody to reach out a hand and touch a neighbor saying a word on the topic “Food”.

Children were in delight, when they saw a great eater Robbin-Bobby at the lesson. He greeted the children and invited them on a tour around a tasty country Foodland. But at first they were to answer his questions, such as: Are you a good eater? What kind of food do you like most of all? What can you cook yourself? etc.

After that I informed my students, that before we could get to the Foodland, they had to cross a deep river with many stones. Stepping on a stone, they saw a verb on it and were to name 2 forms of the verb correctly. The quickest group to reach the opposite side of the river is the winner. I praised the students.

At last they got to the wonderful tasty country Foodland. I oriented them to read the text “Food for life”, working in groups. In 10 minutes each group was to create a healthy menu for breakfast, dinner and supper, make a drawing and presentation for it. I should say, children worked with great enthusiasm. They were involved into the creative process with great desire. Then came a musical break and the children sang a funny childish song “He likes Chicken”. Feeling that the children were hungry, I invited them to the cafe “Sweet tooth”, were they treated each other with various delicious meals, using such expressions, as

“Would you like…? – Yes, I’d love to. Pass me… - Here you are. Etc

My students treated themselves with Sweetheart Cookies, prepared beforehand. Students communicated as best as they could.

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that the informal atmosphere and the support of the teacher helped the students to express themselves without fear. I thanked the children for their active work at the lesson and presented them small medals for the best singer, eater, artist, jumper, promoter and so on. All the children received only good and excellent marks. Their homework was to try to follow their healthy menu in their everyday lives.

It’ s worth mentioning, that the children liked the lesson and thanked me for it.

Данилова Ирина Васильевна, учитель

МОУ "Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 20", п.Баранчинский, Свердловская обл.


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