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С днем рождения, любимая гимназия!
Добавил: Vlivkor
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Конкурс на английском языке

Одной из задач, содержащихся в Стандарте основного общего образования по иностранному языку, является – функциональное использование изучаемого языка, т. е. использование приобретенных знаний и умений в практической деятельности и повседневной жизни. Одним из способов реализации этих знаний и умений может быть участие во внеклассных мероприятиях. Предлагаю вашему вниманию конкурс, посвященный нашей гимназии. Название конкурса – «С днем рождения, любимая гимназия!».

Участники конкурса: учащиеся 8–9-х классов.

Оборудование: плакат с названиями конкурсов; кассета с фильмом о школе; большой лист бумаги, оформленный под открытку с пустыми местами; карточки оценивания для жюри; фломастеры; чистые листы бумаги.

Ход конкурса:

Presenter: We are beginning our contest "Happy birthday, dear gymnasia!” There will be six competitions. You can see the names of them on the poster. They are, as we have called them symbolically:
  1. "Presentation”
  2. "Wish”
  3. "New class”
  4. "Film”
  5. "Innovation”
  6. "Questions”
Let me represent our jury. I think our jury will be honest and impartial. They will be my helpers and be able to interfere in the process if something is wrong.
It is time to draw lots. The captains of the teams draw lots to appoint the turn of the performances. The presenter announces the turn.

1. "Presentation”

Now our teams will introduce themselves. The teams present their names and explain their meanings. Humor is encouraged. (The task was given beforehand. Names should be connected with school theme). Four points will be awarded for this part. (The system of awarding scores is as follows: the team which holds the first place in jury’s opinion gets four scores, the second place three scores and so on. Do you remember TV game "Great Rush”?)

2. "Congratulation and wishing”

Let’s congratulate our dear gymnasia and wish it …. What?

You are to say one sentence in turn. Then write your wish on the poster (A big list of paper with flowers painted on it and blank places for writing). The first team being out will get one score, the second one will get two scores, the third one – three. And the winner will get four scores. You should begin so: Dear gymnasia, we wish you …..

3. Make up a new type of class

The next task was to invent a class, give it a name and explain the idea of this class.

For example, we would like to have a "debate class”. The idea is to discuss problems. The aims are:
  1. to develop speech skills;
  2. to help students be sincere;
  3. to relax;
  4. to get information, etc.
4. Comment on the film

You will see a short film about our gymnasia. Try to make up some comments on the film. Students see the film (the film was also shot by our students) twice. It lasts one minute. Then they are given 5 minutes to prepare. (The film is about one recess in the most "popular” and "secret” places in the gymnasia).

5. Innovations in the gymnasia

You have got the right to change something in our gymnasia. Give your suggestion what it would be and explain reasons of such a change.
Begin so: If I were the principle I would….

6. "How well do you know our school?”.

Each team should prepare three questions about our school. The jury may give one point for an answer and one point for an original question. The questions may be different and not necessarily serious ones. For example, how many windows are their in the gymnasia?

–> All the competitions except the fourth one were prepared in advance. So while the students are preparing for it the presenter interacts with the audience. For example, he asks them to give their versions of the previous tasks (see №№ 2, 3), of course in short variants.

–>The score is announced after each competition.

Dear colleagues!
Try to perform this contest. 
It will be a great fun! 
Good luck!

Гуринова Наталья Петровна, учитель английского языка

МОУ Гимназия №1, г.Нерюнгри, Республика Саха (Якутия)

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