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    The Christmas Story
    Добавил: Vlivkor
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    • Mary (the mother of Jesus)
    • Joseph (the father of Jesus)
    • Inn Keeper #1
    • Inn Keeper #2
    • The Angel


    • Wisemen/King #1
    • wisemen/King #2
    • Wiseman/King #3
    • Donkey (Mary will ride this donkey for a short time)
    • Narrator

    Props: 3 gifts wrapped extravagantly a baby doll (which will be Jesus) large star hanging in the "sky"

    Scenery: Barn-like setting - hay, cows, and other barnyard animals. It is evening and there is a bright star shining in the sky.

    Scene 1

    NARRATOR: More than 2,000 years ago a husband and his pregnant wife set out on a journey to their
    capital city to register for the yearly census. The story begins on the long road to Bethlehem, their destination. Mary and Joseph are walking and their donkey is at Joseph's side.В 

    MARY: Joseph, I'm tired and hungry. Will we stop soon? I think the baby will come tonight.

    JOSEPH: Mary, wait a little longer.В  We are approaching Bethlehem and will soon have a nice room at the inn and warm food for our family.

    Mary and Joseph walk further until she can walk no more. Joseph places Mary on the donkey and leads them down the road.В 

    (**Now is an ideal time to sing "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.")

    Scene 2

    NARRATOR: Approaching the city of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph become excited. They know their child will be arriving soon and they are anxious to prepare for its birth.В  They go to the inn where they want to have room and board.В 

    Joseph knocks on the door of the innВ 

    JOSEPH: Sir, my wife is pregnant and she will have our child this night. Do you have a room for us?

    INNKEEPER #1: I'm sorry, but we have no room.В 

    Innkeeper points Joseph away.В  Joseph hangs his head, walks to the next inn and knocks on the door.

    INNKEEPER #2: Yes?

    JOSEPH: Sir, do you have a spare room or bed? My wife is with child and will give birth to our baby this night. We have travelled far and she is tired and hungry.

    INNKEEPER#2: I'm sorry we have no room, nor even a bed to offer you.В  But, we do have a stable out back. You are welcome to stay the night there - you will be warm.

    JOSEPH: Thank you sir.

    Joseph walks to Mary.

    JOSEPH: Mary, we will spend the night in the barn.

    MARY: Joseph- a barn? God helps us!В 
    They walk off stage.

    Scene 3

    Three kings are walking into Bethlehem - they are very well dressed - the epitome of wealth and good fortune. An angel from the heavens comes to them and begins to speak.

    NARRATOR: Three kings are travelling to Bethlehem. They are bringing gifts to a child who they have been told will one day be king. They are following a star in the sky. An angel will tell them it is their duty to find this child.

    ANGEL: I come down from the heavens and ask you to listen carefully. A child will be born this evening. One day he will be king.В  Follow that star and you will find this prince of peace. (The angel points to the bright star in the sky.) The child's name will be Jesus.В 

    KINGS (together): We will follow the star to our prince.

    The kings walk off and the narrator enters. (SING :WE THREE KINGS)

    Scene 4
    Back in the barn or manger.

    NARRATOR: Mary has given birth to a baby boy. She and Joseph are sitting with their newborn child, Jesus. They are surrounded by barnyard animals. The three approach. The star is visible in the night sky.В 

    MARY: Joseph, we have a beautiful baby boy.В 

    JOSEPH: Yes Mary. Mary darling, look there. (Joseph points to the approaching wisemen) Who are these men approaching us?В 

    The wisemen are now in front of Mary, Joseph and their child Jesus.В 

    KING 1: Greetings. I want to wish you great happiness and joy. I offer you, the parents of this child Jesus, my gift of gold. May this child have a life rich in experience.

    KING 2: Congratulations Mary and Joseph. This gist of spices and perfumes is for you my new prince. I have come many miles to find you. We know you are special and have only the best of wishes for you.В 

    KING 3: Mary and Joseph (king is bowing) thank you for this wonderful baby. I have come many miles to bring you this gift. May you be good parents and enjoy this child's life. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

    MARY AND JOSEPH (together and with astonishment): Thank you very much!В  NARRATOR: This birthday of the child Jesus begins a new era. Not only the innkeepers (innkeepers take a bow,), animals (taking a bow), kings (together bowing), angel (bowing), and parents of Jesus (Mary and Joseph bowing slowly), are affected by the birth of this Christ Child. The world soon found that this child was special and would touch many lives. Every December 24th and 25th we celebrate the birth of this special child with the giving of gifts and good wishes. Merry Christmas!


    Away in a manger no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head.
    The stars in the sky looked down where he lay,
    The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

    The cattle are lowing the poor baby wakes,
    But little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.
    I love the Lord Jesus, look down from the sky,
    And stay by my cradle till morning is nigh.

    Be near me Lord Jesus I ask you thee to stay,
    Close by me forever, and love me I pray.
    Bless all the dear children in thy tender care,
    And take us to heaven, to live with thee there.


    We three kings of Orient are;
    Bearing gifts we traverse afar--
    Field and fountain, moor and mountain--
    Following yonder star.

    Star of wonder star of night,
    Star with royal beauty bright,
    Westward leading, still proceeding,
    Guiding us to thy perfect light.

    Glorious now behold him arise:
    King and God and Sacrifice.
    Alleluia, Alleluia!
    Earth and heaven replies.


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