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Motivation of students
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Добавил: Vlivkor
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This is presentation is of a practical nature. I wrote it as a result of my experience to organize activities that students enjoy most of all.

Of all the different factors involved in language learning motivation is probably one of the most important. This presentation is of a practical nature. I wrote it as a result of my experience to organize activities that students enjoy most of all.

Experience has proved that if learning is enjoyable, there is greater involvement and recall on the part of the student.

All four-language skills are indeed brought to bear.

1. Writing

Most often, the writing that students do in schools is simply for the eyes of the teacher. It is very useful to involve students writing to other students. It gives them a clear sense of purpose and a sense of having an audience for their writing. They can get feedback from their reader on how far their message has been understood.

I am having a terrific learning experience working with the parcel of English scheme. Cambridge University Press has matched us with two schools in Italy and one in Argentina. Receiving letters from our twin classes is absolutely delighted. We really enjoy having the opportunity of exchanging letters, coins, cards and photographs. The students learn what people of the same age do, like, dislike, how they live in cultures very different from ours.

Writing to native speakers is interesting as well. I tried to organize writing to the USA similar to the Parcel of English scheme. We have been corresponding with students from Wisconsin. We send and receive parcels with letters, postcards about national holidays our schools curriculums and sports.

You can also encourage your students to develop their writing skills in a real environment by suggesting writing letters of enquire to real organizations. My students have written to Oxfam, asking to give more information about this organization, the British museum the British Tourist Board, Films and Publication Section Christian Aid and the National Geographic World.

We got lots of real replies. The letters and brochures we have received are useful authentic reading materials and give rise to further correspondents. This kind of activity is better to organize as the group activity where students work in three or fours to produce one letter, singed by all of them.

2. Reading for pleasure

Reading is the most important as a means of learning. But it can also be a means of motivation. Students’ favorite kinds of books are science fiction, adventure and detective stories. First of all, my colleagues and I began to establish a library in our school by buying books that students enjoy most of all. Each group of students bought one set of books for the library. After they have read their ones we exchange them with other classes.

Carefully graded Readers provide enjoyable reading. In our library we have American books donated us from The World Bank. My fifth and sixth graders find it interesting reading books in the original that are written for five-seven year old American children because the language is simple and easily understandable.

3. Listening

It is important for students to develop listening skills in order to understand spoken English. Watching videos cuts both ways developing listening skills and motivating students. The movies with subtitles are very good for this purpose. Watching videos is a kind of a reward after hardworking or in the end of the term.

4. Speaking

Students should be exposed into a real language. They want to implement their knowledge and skills even at early stage of learning English. Participating in Moscow Festival for young learners gave me an idea of holding events like that in my school. The school festival is held ones a year but it gives the most positive motivation of learning English for the whole school year. Elementary students sing their favorite songs, role-play short fairy tales and have “word competition”. For example, we played a game similar to the TV show “Understand me”. There were teams of 5-th, 6-th, 7-th and 11-th graders. The atmosphere was terrific. Every one was interested in each other’s work.

These activities should be done in accordance with students natural needs for self - expression. Teamwork involves them in working together, relying on each other, being tolerant.

We need to be closely in touch with colleagues in very wide range of world sharing the materials we have been working so hard on.

Астахова Маргарита Альбертовна, учитель английского языка языка


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