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    The party "Hellowe’en"
    Категория: Сценарии
    Добавил: Vlivkor
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    ???????? "????????"

    ?????????? ?????-????????? ??? 7 ? 9-? ???????, ? ????? ???????????? ? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ?????.

    ???? ??????????:

    1. ??????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ?????? ? ??????? ?? ??????? ???????????? Halloween (31 ???????).
    2. ?????????????? ???????? ? ???????? ??????????? ?????, ??? ???????? ??? ?????????? ? ?????????? ???????????? ?????.
    3. ?????????????? ? ???????? ?????????? ??????????? ??? ?????????? ? ?????????? ?????????.


    • ?????????? ???? (??????? ?????, ???????????? ????????? ???????, ???????????? ??????, ???????? “??? ?????????????”, ?????);
    • ???????? ??????? ?????????????? ??????? ??? ?????????;
    • ??????? ???????????? ????? ????????? ? ???????? ??????;
    • ???????? ?????????? ?????????????;
    • ???????? 9 ?????? ?????????????? ????? ?? ??????? ????.

    ???????: Hello everybody! We've gathered together for our Halloween Party. We want all of you to enjoy the party, to be merry and jolly. Today is October, 31. But a week before. Look and listen.


    K?acc. Ha ????e ????m ????????? - 25 ???????. ??????????? — English. ?? ??????? ????? ???????. ? ????? - ???????.

    Teacher: Dear pupils, as you know, in a week's time we are going to have a Halloween Party. And now we have to decide who will be who and what shall we do. In this part pupils from the 5 till 10 forms party will take. What are your suggestions?

    P1: We should have a contest of posters.

    T: It's a good idea! What else?

    P2: To make a lot of pumpkins with terrible grins and lights in then.

    T: Of course, we will.

    P3: To draw monster pictures to frighten the little ones.

    T: Just don't frighten them to death.

    All pupils: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...

    T: Any other ideas?

    P4: Why not make a dress-up parade? I'll be a vampire.

    P5: I'll be a witch.

    P6: Me too.

    P1: I'll be a demon.

    P2, P3: We'll be evil spirits.

    P7: I'll be a monster.

    P8: I'll be a black cat.

    T: OK, OK. Wait, Wait... A large carnival procession. Well, and then make your costumes. And don't forget, we should write and send out invitations to our party.

    Next time we'll talk about when Halloween was first celebrated and why a pumpkin is a symbol of this festival. Goodbye for now.

     ?????? ????


    ????? ?????? ?????????? ??????. ?? ????????? ??????? ???????, ?????? ????? “October” by John Updike. ?????? ????????????? ????? ???????????? ?????????? ??????????? ???

    The month is amber,
    Gold and brown.
    Blue ghosts of smoke
    Float through the town.

    Great V's of geese
    Honk overhead,
    And maples turn
    A fiery red.

    Frost bites the lawn,
    The stars are slits
    In a black cat's eye
    Before she spits.

    At last, small witches,
    Goblins, hags,
    And pirates armed
    With paper bags.

    Their costumes hinged
    On safety pins,
    Go haunt a night
    Of pumpkin grins.

    Scene 3

    ?? ????? – ?????? ???????? ? ????????

    PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
    What will you wear?

    P2: I might wear a blanket
    And be a brown bear.

    P1: Hallowe'en is coming.
    Who will you meet?

    P2: I might meet a princess
    Skipping down the street.

    P1: Hallowe'en is coming.
    What will you do?

    P3: I might go trick-or-treating.
    How about you?

    PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
    What will you be?

    P3: I might be a pirate
    On the deep blue sea.

    P1: Hallowe'en is coming.
    What will you see?

    P4: I might see a Jack-o'-Lantern
    Winking at me.

    P1: Hallowe’en is coming
    What will you be?

    P4: It's a secret,
    So, wait and see!

     Scene 4

    Jack-o '-Lantern, ?????? ? ????? ?????. ?? ????? ???????? ????? ????????? ????????? ? ?????????

    Jack-o'-Lantern: Hello! My name is Jack and here is my lantern made from a pumpkin. As you see, I've cut out slits for two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and put a lighted candle inside. I used to play practical jokes on the devil and I'm punished for it.

    ???????? 6 ?????? ????????? ????? “Pumpkin”

    ???????: Many people carve happy and funny faces. They place the pumpkins in the windows or on the doorsteps. The children also put on strange masks and frightening costumes every Halloween. Some children paint their faces to look like monsters. Then they carry baskets and bags. They go from house and knock on the door. They sing “Trick or treat! Trick or treat”, meaning “Give us a treat or we’ll play a trick on your”. People give the children sweets, cookies and apples.

    ?? ????? ??????? ?????????? ???? ? ??????????? ?????? “????? ??? ????????”.

    ????? ???? ????????? ?????.


    (?? ????? “???-???” ?????? ??????)

    Oh, Halloween’s the time
    When the ghosts can really talk;
    The night when witches ride on brooms
    And skeletons can walk.
    We put on masks and dress
    To scare the folks we meet.
    It’s lots of fun to knock on doors
    And holler: “Trick or treat!”
    Hop-hei, trick or treat,
    Give us something good to eat!
    Give us candy, give us cake,
    Something sweet to take.
    Hop-hei, trick or treat,
    Give us something good to eat!
    You had better do it quick
    Or we’ll surely play a trick.


     Ha ????? ??? ?????? ? ???? ?????? ??????? ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? ???????.

    D1: We are Druids, Celtic priests. We are observing the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. We are not spirits or ghosts. But this night they and witches all come out. We don't want them to hurt us. That's why we are dressed this way. We want to deceive the evil spirits.

    D2: The Druid New Year begins on the 1st of November. Winter comes and the Lord of Death rules. So there are many ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons and cats. Druids lighted huge bonfires to frighten away evil spirits. And we can see bonfires on Halloween today.


    ?? ????? ??????? ?????????? ?????? ? ?????? ????.

    Halloween Chants

    Halloween, Halloween, magic night.
    We are glad and very bright.
    We all dance and sing and recite,
    “Welcome! Welcome! Halloween night!”

    ???????: Now let’s play a little. I know one interesting game. Someone puts water and apples in a big bowl. The apples stay on top of the water. The players must keep their hands behind their back and take an apple out of the water with their teeth. The game is very funny and difficult, and players usually get very wet!

    ???? ?????? ? ????, ???????????? ???????.


    ???????: We suggest you to see some witches and to learn how to recognize a witch when you see one.

    ???????????? ???

    1. A real witch is always to be wearing gloves when you meet her.
    2. A real witch is always bald.
    3. Look for the nose-holes.
    4. The eyes of a real witch are different from yours and mine.
    5. Witches never have toes.
    6. Their spit is blue.

    ??????? ?????? ?????????????

    The little witch

    Once long ago
    In a wee small land
    Lived a witch, her cat,
    And a mouse.
    They stayed together
    And didn’t fight,
    Though they lived
    In a very small house.
    Then cat was little,
    The mouse was small.
    But the teeny-tiny witch.
    Was the littlest of all.


     ???????: And now let us sing a song “Looby-Loo”. Try to sing and dance with us. It will be very funny.

    ???????? ???? ????? ? ????????? ???????? ?????.


    Here we dance Looby-Loo,
    Here we dance Looby-Light.
    Here we dance Looby-Loo,
    All on a Saturday night.

    1. I put my right hand in,
    I put my right hand out,
    I give my right hand
    a shake, shake, shake
    And turn myself about.

    2. I put my left hand in,
    I put my left hand out,
    I give my left hand
    a shake, shake, shake
    And turn myself about.

    3. I put my right foot in,
    I put my right foot out,
    I give my right foot
    a shake, shake, shake
    And turn myself about.

    4. I put my left foot in,
    I put my left foot out,
    I give my left foot
    a shake, shake, shake
    And turn myself about.

    ???????: Now I want you to play one interesting game. Your task will be to cut the string and take a present. But your eyes are closed at this time. It’s not simple.

    (????? ?????????? ????? ? ? ??? ????? ??????? ?????? ???????.)


    ???????: And now let us sing a song together. This song is about friendship and love for all peace. To my mind this song is will be excellent for the end of our party.

     Here is my hand

     1. Here is my hand, friend, here is my hand,
    Over to you from my bonny homeland;
    Building the future, comrades are we,
    Here is my hand, friend, over to sea.
    2. Over to you, friend, over to you!
    Here is my hand, friend, we will be true, -
    True to youth’s promise never to break,
    True to the new world we’re going to make.

    ????????? ???? ???????, ??????? ??????????? ?????

    ??? "??????? ??????????????????? ????? ? 37", ?. ???????-?????????, ??????????? ???.


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