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We are all friends together
Добавил: Vlivkor
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Открытый урок в 4-м классе

Целью урока является укрепление дружбы между детьми разных национальностей.

Hello! Good morning! How are you?

We have some other guests coming. Here they are. Say “Hello”!

Let’s train our tongues. Read the twisters. Listen and repeat.

Chris can have chicken for lunch!
The girls are drinking orange juice.
Can you fly a yellow kite in the sky?
Eric the parrot and Eddy are friends!
Where’s the White House and who’s in it?
Cindy’s small shoes are on the shelf!
This is Masid’s house.
My name’s James and that is Pat!

Today our theme is “We are all friends together”.

People of different nationalities live in different countries. They speak different languages. Each country has its national flag, its own traditions and customs.

We live in Russia, in Moscow. Moscow is the capital of our country. Many nations and nationalities live here: Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Korean and so on. Russia is multinational country. And all people and all children must live friendly here.

Today we‘ll speak about different countries and nationalities. We’ll speak about appearance and characters of different people.

What is he\she like? Answer my questions.

  1. He doesn’t like talking to people. (He is shy).
  2. He knows a lot. (He is clever).
  3. He shows love for people. (He is kind).
  4. He is kind for everybody. (He is friendly).
  5. He is always ready to help. (He is helpful).
  6. He doesn’t make noise. (He is quiet).
  7. He makes people love. (He is funny).
  8. He always tells people what to do. (He is bossy).
  9. He makes a lot of noise. (He is noisy).
  10. He doesn’t like working. (He is lazy).
  11. He likes working. (He is hard-working).

Let’s work with flags. I’m handing out some cards with flags of different countries. You’ll have to say what country this flag is from.

Imagine (make believe) that we have come to the international Camp in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. You are from different countries. Now you’ll speak something about yourself and your country. The plan of your answer is on the blackboard.


  1. Name.
  2. Country.
  3. Nationality.
  4. Capital.
  5. Flag.
  6. Say some words about your family.

Look at the blackboard. Fill in the table.

Great Britain      
The USA      

Name 3 countries in Europe.

Name 2 countries in Asia.

Name 2 countries in America.

I’ll give you the letter. Read the letter from Oscar to Eddy. Then answer my questions about the text.

Dear Eddy,

Greetings from Edinburgh! I like it here. It’s a great city and I live in a big, old house in the centre.

I’ve got some new friends. One of them is called Lia McDougall. She is fourteen years old and she’s Scottish. She is quite tall and slim. She’s got wavy red hair and green eyes. Lia is very kind and friendly and she loves animals. She’s got a dog called Mossie. She’s a really nice friend. I hope one day you can come to Edinburgh and meet her!

Say hello to everyone. I miss you, too!



Answer my questions.

Where is Oscar?

How old is Lia?

What does she look like?

What’s she like?

Does she love animals?

Has she got a pet?

You are at the International Camp, do you remember? You have many new friends from different countries. One of them is sitting next to you. Let’s work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about yourself. For example:

What’s your name?

Where are you from?

What nationality are you?

What is the capital of your country?

Open your notebooks. Write down the date. Let’s make your own letter from the International Camp in Edinburgh to your parents about your new friend. Your plan is:

  1. Opening remarks (greetings).
  2. Name, age, nationality, appearance, character.
  3. Closing remarks (saying goodbye, feelings).

We made friends today, didn’t we? We are really palely now. Let’s sing the song “Welcome”. (It is the anthem of our camp).

I think that you did your best today. You must be friendly and helpful to each other. You must respect all nations and nationalities.

I presume that all of you have deserved excellent grades that are so much today.

Let’s call it a day.

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Александрян Вера Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка
ГОУ "Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 1900", Москва


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